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TémanyitásTárgy: Pedros BT Music / Xbtmusic   Vas. Május 01, 2016 8:26 am

This month is a big deal since on the 20th we will be 12 years old. We are one of the oldest, if not the oldest one, private tracker online. This also kinda puts us in a fairly good mood, feeling quite special. You can expect generosity this month.

Firstly, we will have 24 hours of freeleech starting 20 May at 00:00 GMT as a b-day party.

Secondly, immediately all Users receive 3 bonus invites and Seniors and higher classes 6. Let's get crazy. All bonus invites will expire after a week. Use them well. This is a lot so you won't see any more bonus invites anytime soon. This gives you a grand chance to bring some friends aboard. Don't trade them. Don't offer them in any give-away. Keep the thing private. Make sure your invitees register from a home connection. This is very important. Thanks!

Thirdly, all donations above 50 EUR receive double bonuses (x2), and above 100 EUR quintuple bonuses (x5) throughout the whole month. Help us and help yourself in the process. If your ratio is low, this should be a grand chance to put it in order. Only with your help we can last another 12 years.

[Edit] Fourthly, the best gift you can have for us will be if you seed your torrents. All of them. Try to keep the swarm above 200k peers. Seed everything you can. Throw it all at us!
Seed seed seed!
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Pedros BT Music / Xbtmusic
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